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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eklund Changing It Up?

So after a long day of work, he first thing I normally will come home and check out for a good laugh to relieve some stress.

Don't act like you don't do the same thing. Or, if you believe what you read on that site, I hear the mothership is just out of sight beyond the Hale-Bopp Comet and if you continue to drink the Kool-Aid you'll learn the secret meaning of life.

(Greatest picture of the Kool-Aid guy ever. Google images is a fantastic device.)

Speaking of, here's something I was never able to wrap my head around as a kid, or even now.

Who the hell would want to drink his asbestos-laden Kool-Aid after busting through walls? It was clean fresh delicious Kool-Aid before he started wrecking people's property.

I kind of want some Kool-Aid right now, but I'm afraid of saying it out loud for fear of a giant freakish being destroying my Penguins memorabilia on the walls.

OK, that's ridiculous, but what I'm really afraid of is going outside right now. It's about 400 degrees outside with 9000% humidity and I don't feel like melting today.

Anyway, I was a bit shocked to find that there was a post with some logical progression of thought and dare I say, the semblance of what a blog should look like?

He's sourcing credible insiders such as Darren Dreger and E.J. Hradek and then offers up his own prediction of where Tomas Kaberle might land.

No, seriously. It's right here.

Of course it's not without it's usual fair share of rubbish surrounding it.

My biggest issue was seeing him call Anaheim as the front-runner for Kaberle.

That, and him saying that Bobby Ryan might be in play.


After the team has come out several times this offseason and said signing Ryan is a major priority.

Sure, Brian Burke loves the kid. Who doesn't?

Not to mention, the team is being mum on Paul Kariya supposedly wanting to play with Teemu Selanne again.

Ryan is the priority in Anaheim right now, as it should be.

As far as picking where Kaberle will go, I'd be kind of stunned if he's even moved at all.

How many years in a row now have we heard Kaberle's name being mentioned in trade talks?

I hope he doesn't pay much attention to the talk because it would probably drive him nuts being linked to every team in the NHL recently.

Burke isn't in the business of making trades just to make them. The architect has a well-calculated plan and knows what he wants for every single person on his roster.

Burke doesn't settle. He doesn't cave. Other GMs cave in when talking to him.

(As I'm writing this, The Orange County Register beat writer for the Ducks has just spoken with Burke, who told them that the Ducks aren't in on Kaberle. See what some logical thought brings to the table???)

Perhaps this one single post for Eklund is an insight into what we may see from him in the future.

Perhaps all the shots and bad press he's been getting from every message board on his own site, to published blogs and reports from other respected insiders is getting to him.

Though he is still a step ahead of some other people who find it funny to start false rumors just because they know that people will retweet it or re-post it around, it's not by much.

I rather enjoyed an article that Spector found and posted on his Twitter account early Saturday morning.

This one part got a hearty laugh;

"After that, you had to drive traffic to it by making a name out of yourself. And even after that, you still only ended up with a product that the average person would look down on. A case in point goes to HockeyBuzz – it took Eklund a solid year or so to build his website up into something that was remotely relevant, a ton of money, hired writers, and tons of internet marketing. And he still isn’t respected, though he gets his traffic." Read the whole article here.

For me, it's not about the rumor guys being right all the time. To think they will be is an unfair assumption because I would imagine that trade talks are rather fluid from a deal's infancy to completion.

Hell, I spent nine hours earlier this week going back and forth with a friend to try and execute a trade in fantasy baseball that would shake up our rosters and hopefully push us into the playoffs.

That's just fantasy. Imagine doing that with real players and in a professional league.

If something is going to happen, it needs to happen soon with Kaberle.

Burke's got free-reign to send him packing until midnight tomorrow when his NTC kicks back in again.

Time is ticking. Will the sand in the hourglass run out? I suppose we'll know soon.

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