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Monday, August 16, 2010

Everyone Spends Their Weekend Talking About Tomas Kaberle For Nothing

(Leafs D-Man Tomas Kaberle auditions for Top Gun)

It was kind of relieving to be able to get away from the eighteen million Ilya Kovalchuk to every professional hockey team on the planet rumors, even just for a few days. However, who would have thought that in such a brief period a time, such a dearth of rumors would spring up. Agreed that most of them were laughable, improbable, and as it turns out, in a move that shocked nobody except for Eklund, Toronto Maple Leafs offensive defenseman Tomas Kaberle remained with the club.

Sure, there were teams like Columbus claiming that Leafs GM Brian Burke was asking for too much in return for his player. I'd say you could lend some credible weight to this theory as Burke himself was quoted as saying “said it all along if we don't get a fit, he stays.” Which could mean that in his opinion, NHL clubs were not meeting his valuation of Kaberle.

There were also the fun rumors of Tampa Bay trading Ryan Malone for Kaberle, but it was very quickly revealed that Malone had a no-trade and was not willing to waive. Another persistent rumor that was repeatedly blasted down was Kaberle moving to Anaheim to become a Duck. Even after numerous credible sources (including Burke himself!) said that Kaberle would not be heading westward, some pseudo-journalists continued to insist that a deal was in the works for that very same move.

I'm pretty sure I also saw a rumor floated out that the Washington Capitals could have made a play for Kaberle. Because EVERYBODY knows having six offensive defenseman gets you deep into the playoffs. If you're wondering how Russia is in late April or early May for future vacationing purposes, I'm sure you could just ask Mr. Ovechkin. A move to the Capitals never made sense when Mike Greene does the exact same thing... although he does play less defense. Much, much less defense.

(See! Even he's not sure what's going on!)

So that counts out Columbus, Tampa Bay, Anaheim and Washington. Oh yes, there was the notion of Kaberle moving to St. Louis, but that was quickly rebuffed by the Blues themselves, who stated they had no intention of trading for a player who could walk for nothing after the season, especially while they plan to build from within the organization. Also, Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk ruled Dallas out of making a move.

Next there was Los Angeles. Who were going to trade for Kaberle because they don't have Jack Johnson and Drew Doughty on the blue line in all situations. Unless Kaberle can play left wing, I think the Kings were always going to pass on this one.

A straight up swap with Boston between Savard-Kaberle was also bandied about, but the investigations into Savard's contract would be enough to make anybody shy away. I'd also be afraid that Savard would get injured again (which he probably will) and as the Bruins I feel pretty OK about the defense as it is. Chara and Seidenberg seem to like playing together, and Boychuk was a bit of revelation last season.

It was an interesting weekend with a flurry of news and near immediate denial from all parties concerned when a team was brought into play as a trade partner. Burke said he wouldn't move the defenseman unless the price was right, and obviously the price was wrong, bitch! (Ah, Happy Gilmore. Childhood memories...) Kaberle is apparently relieved to be staying with Toronto, being able to put this whole nasty ordeal behind him.

(No idea what this is, but it made me laugh)

With the Weekend of Kaberle finished, we now return you to your regularly scheduled Ilya Kovalchuk Contract Rumorpalooza.

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